Changes in our office

After 3 exciting months, ‘Firing Up' a couple of ENCC projects, our Co-ordinator Leen Laconte is moving on for new endeavours in the beginning of April. We would like to thank Leen for the great contribution she gave to the ENCC and our members in that short period.

ENCC has recruited a new Co-ordinator, Sylvine Bois- Choussy.
Leen and Sylvine will be working side by side in April. You can reach Leen on her usual email and Sylvine on


ENCC Fired Up its’ antenna in Murcia

Thanks to a great engagement and motivation to develop the cooperation between ENCC and southern European countries, our member, Puertas de Castilla will coordinate a 3 year antenna project with its seat in Murcia. The project aims are to create a map of culture centres in Spain and research the possibilities for networking with ENCC members from the other parts of Europe. The project coordinator delegated by Puertas de Castilla is Ana Meseguer Lopes. ENCC will cooperate very closely with the Spanish office. The Spanish researchers will be supported and monitored by Director of Puertas de Castilla Jesus de la Pena Sevilla.
The official agreement between Puertas de Castilla and ENCC was signed during ENCC GA in Brussels, 06.02.2015.

Jesus de la Pena Sevilla about the project: "In 2012 they became aware of the existence of ENCC and understood that being part of this network would mean for the city of Murcia multiple opportunities to meet other European cultural agents to cooperate with and to exchange experiences and knowledge. Hence, we soon became part of ENCC, becoming the first Spanish member, with the eagerness of "networking, breaking down barriers and building bridges with other countries. That's why, the following year PdC organized in collaboration with ENCC, the International Meeting of Cultural Centres "Shortcut Europe Murcia 2013", in which the city of Murcia enthusiastically welcomed more than 70 cultural operators from across Europe.
Ana Lopes Meseguer added: "The aim is to interconnect more cultural spaces in Spain with ENCC, for an interregional and international cooperation. We will make a great effort to accomplish the task that has been entrusted to us: to encourage the creation of bridges in southern Europe and to facilitate a transition to a membership structure further extensive in ENCC."




Welcome, Culture Centre CESIS, GOK Oleśnica and Sophia Littkopf to our ENCC board!

Culture Centre CESIS in Latvia wants to take part in important global culture projects and learn from good European examples involving local inhabitants more and more in culture processes. Gminny Ośrodek Kultury in Oleśnica, Poland is willing to create a platform for cultural experiences and ideas in order to develop individual and group opportunities, which will have an impact on the local, regional and national level. Last but not least, Sophia Littkopf, our first individual member, believes in the power and advantages of strong networks as well as the benefits of a well-connected European cultural scene. She would like to contribute to a sustainable interaction of cultural players, organisations, and networks.
Our new members have a lot of experience to offer to ENCC, our members and the European cultural scene. Then will for sure bring a very valuable input in the development of our network.
Meet our new members, ask them about their interests in international networking, and invite them to your project. Learn more about what they may offer to you and your organization!

Read more about our new members: Sophia Littkopf, CESIS, GOK Olesniaca

Thank you, Gabriele Gerbasits!

Thank you, Gabriele Gerbasits for leading the ENCC for the last 2,5 years.
The ENCC GA 06 February brought a lot of changes for ENCC. We bid farewell to Gabriele Gerbasits, who carried out the ENCC Chair for the last 2,5 years. In her goodbye speech, President Gerbasits expressed many thanks to all the Members of ENCC General Assembly for cooperation during the period of her Presidency. The most important moment and challenge for her was leading the ENCC through the process of transformation. It was very hard work and it took a lot of energy from all of the board members.
Gabriele Gerbasits heads the IG Kultur Österreich - the network and lobby for more than 350 autonomous Austrian cultural centres and initiatives engaged in cultural work in Austria. For its members IG Kultur Österreich provides information, representation and consulting in legal matters. Leadership of such a vibrant organization brings a lot of challenges and demands the highest level of proficiency. We are very thankful that leading at once her home organization, she engaged herself in the development of our network. We are looking forward to further cooperation within the network.

ENCC Members Elect New Chair to Lead the Organization in 2015-2018

dokumente/Ivo Peeters.jpg

Brussels, Friday- February 6, 2015 - The General Assembly of the European Network of Culture Centres (ENCC) has elected a new chair for the 2014-2018 term that began on February 6, 2015. Ivo Peeters, becomes Chair of ENCC for the 2015-2018 period.
Ivo is the director of the cultural center De Zeyp, located in Ganshoren, one of the Brussels' districts. He was born in 1954 and has a master in Political and Social science. He has 30 years of experience working at the local level. In 1994 Ivo Peeters cofounded ENCC and coordinated the secretariat for 10 years as General Secretary. In those first 10 years he organised several meetings and international ‘cultural management course' (comparable with the current BECC exchange program of ENCC).

ENCC Members Elect a New Board to Lead the Organization in 2015-2018

dokumente/ENCC GA.jpg

Brussels, Friday- February 6th, 2015 - the New ENCC Board was elected. The ENCC Members elected 5 new members, including: Piotr Michalowski, Eleonore Hefner, Jesús de la Peña Sevilla, Ilona Asare, Jack Houssa and reelected Ljiljana Perišić, Søren Søeborg Ohlsen and Antti Manninen.

Gabriele Gerbasits, President of ENCC, was honoured for her dedication and strength in leading ENCC in the ENCC transformation period.

One retiring Board member was honoured for his service: Paul Sergier.

dokumente/Former and present board.jpg

The former and the new ENCC Board



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