Welcome to the European Network of Cultural Centres (ENCC)!

ENCC is an international network of cultural centres, founded in Turnhout-Belgium in June 1994.

Europe is a beautiful mosaic of cultures; art products and art education can teach us, perhaps more than history itself, about daily life and global culture of a region. Europe becomes smaller as mobility increases and new technologies will lower barriers to co-operate with each other. This, and closer networking, will allow staff members of local cultural institutes to become strong intermediaries between the arts, the artists and the public, not only on a local level but also on a European level.

One of the primary conditions for a better co-operation and an intense cultural exchange is a better knowledge of each other and of the way we operate. Not only national cultural institutes have a mission to fulfil in Europe's future. Also local actors in the cultural field do need a platform where they can meet, talk about their experiences, dream about projects in co-operation with partners all over Europe.

Multi-disciplinary cultural centres have their own way of acting, their own problems and fields of interest. The ENCC wants to be their platform: networking on a global level so as to be more effective in the local community.



ENCC calls you to join our new project! Culture and culture centres in Rural areas
Rural versus urban, sounds so easy, but is so diverse to define. Many countries went in the last fifty years through a process of fusions from several smaller villages into larger political units, sometimes around one bigger centre, sometimes with equal localities.

Call for partners: EMPHOKA photographic project. Invitation from Puertas de Castilla
Puertas de Castilla Cultural Centre hosts a resident project which aims to provide an itinerant photographic exhibition model to cultural centers worldwide.


ENCC application to the Creative Europe - Support to European Networks selected for EU co-funding!
We would like to say THANK YOU to all who supported us in the preparation of application. Out of the 58 applications submitted 22 have been selected for funding. The list of all selected projects is published on the website of the Executive Agency.


Act for culture in Europe!

ENCC supports the we are more - act for culture in Europe campaing. 



News / Update:

ENCC currently comprises 14 national networks from 12 countries (included three sub national networks Belgium) plus 10 associated members (...
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